Organizer: Paleo Castro Ltd., Unique Reg. Number: 206067157

Event location: Wake Up Varvara, Varvara North Beach, Burgas, Bulgaria

Time period: 9—11 August, 2024


This Regulation defines the rights and obligations in the relationship between the Organizer of the WAKE UP STRAN-JAH 2024 Event, Paleo Castro Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Organizer, and each person with a valid Ticket attending the Event, hereinafter referred to as Visitor.

The present agreement constitutes a distance contract between the Organizer and the Visitor and enters into force from the moment of purchase of a Ticket. By purchasing a Ticket, each Visitor acknowledges and undertakes to comply with these Regulations.

The Organizer assures the Visitor that by purchasing a valid Ticket (regardless of the method by which it was purchased) he is assured the right to participate in the Event, provided that he meets the requirements described in this Regulation and does not fall into the cases depriving him of this right, also described in this Regulation.

The Organizer reserves the right to modify this Regulation at any time, without prior notification of the Visitor. Any changes will be immediately applicable after the time of publication.


The Wake Up Stran-Jah 2024 is a private Event and is addressed to Visitors only with a valid ticket, public access is strictly forbidden.

FULL PASS FESTIVAL Tickets can be purchased online at or at the entrance of the Event, only in case all Tickets are not sold out during presale.

The FULL PASS FESTIVAL Ticket guarantees the Visitor access to the Event throughout its entire duration, starting on the first day 10:00 pm and until the end of the Event.

The DAY Ticket guarantees the Visitor access to the Event on the respective night, until 20:00 pm the next day, after which the validity of the DAY Ticket ceases and the Visitor no longer has access to the area of festivals.

Visitors will possess the access bracelet when the Ticket is scanned or in case they purchase the Tickets at the entrance, when purchasing them.

Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Ticketholders are welcome to sell their tickets if they are no longer able to make it. To change the name of the ticket, please get in touch via the contact form.


Access to the festival is only based on a bracelet which is provided at the entrance upon presentation of a valid Ticket or upon paying the entry fee. Only an intact bracelet, worn on the Visitor’s hand, assures him the right to enter the perimeter of the Event. 

The Visitor is obliged to fully acquaint themselves with this Regulation before they obtain an access bracelet.

The Organizer reserves the right (through its collaborators) to constantly check the bracelet both at the entrance of the festival and throughout the Event. 

The Organizer reserves the right to restrict the access to certain areas on the beach where the access will remain controlled.

If the Visitor possesses A Full Festival Ticket, he is required to wear the bracelet throughout the whole Event, taking care of its integrity.

The loss, damage or destruction of the bracelet is the sole responsibility of the Visitor. In the event of damage or loss of the bracelet the Visitor no longer has the right to access the Event. He is obliged to purchase a new Ticket or to leave the Event perimeter.

The access is granted only through the official entrance of the Event. Every Visitor is obliged to present a valid ID document.

The access of persons below the age of 18 is prohibited.

The access of persons with an inadequate condition is prohibited.

The access of persons under the excessive influence of alcohol and narcotic drugs is prohibited.

The Organizer has the right, with immediate effect, to prohibit the access of a Visitor in the whole or part of the Event premises, in case of violation of the present Regulation or of a law in force in Bulgaria.


The participation at the Event is entirely at the Visitor’s own risk, including risks which may result from the following: crowded areas, loud noises, special sounds, visual and audio effects as well as the rigid natural terrain of the Event’s site.

The Organizer does not take responsibility for any damages (material, immaterial or physical) caused by the non-observance of the Regulation and will be able to claim compensation from the guilty persons for its violation.

In the territory of the festival, the Organizer ensures the security through a qualified personnel and accredited partners. During the Event, the Visitor is obliged to respect the security agents, the lifeguard and medical teams, to collaborate with them and to follow their instructions.

The Organizer provides a medical unit with a qualified medical personnel on the territory of the Event.

The performance of any economic and/or advertising activity by the Visitor, without the express consent of the Organizer, is prohibited.


All Visitors must comply with the social rules, laws of the Bulgarian state and those enlisted in this Regulation.

Visitors are not allowed to carry out any activities that could endanger or affect in any way the safety or rights of the other Visitors.


  • Usage and distribution of narcotic drugs;
  • Aggression in any form;
  • Bringing firearms, knives or other sharp objects or objects which can be considered weapons and can cause physical harm;
  • Entering the Event area with liquids or food;
  • Entering the Event area with big backpacks or large bags;
  • Bathing and swimming in the sea water outside the working hours (8:00 am – 6:00 pm) of the life guard team;
  • Bathing and swimming in the sea water after the consumption and/or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs;
  • Presence in the danger zones (rock-climbing, going near the edge of the cliffs).

Visitor shall respect and not destroy any materials or structures adjacent to the Event Area.

The Visitors are obliged to act in accordance with the good manners and to have a decent behaviour not only on the territory of the Event, but also in the village of Varvara and its surroundings. They are obliged to demonstrate good manners and not to tarnish the name of the Event and the Organizer before local institutions, individuals and legal entities. All acts of vandalism and aggression of any kind will be considered a gross violation of these Regulations.


The Organizer guarantees the access and use of the services within the Event of any Visitor with a valid Ticket. The dates of the festival can be modified unilaterally by the Organizer in case of force majeure or accidental Event. The Event dates will not be changed in case of minor weather conditions (rain, cloudy days, etc.).

The Organizer reserves the right to change the hours of the music program.

The Visitor has no right to claim any compensation in the case of these changes and modifications.

The Organizer, the Organizer’s partners have the right to record and photograph the Event. The Visitors are aware that there is the possibility of appearing in such materials, without being able to make claims about the rights regarding the respective materials. The Organizer has the right to use these materials, to publish them on various channels and to use them in advertising campaigns without compensating in any way the Visitor.