Tell me about the festival


Once a small-scale party for those in the know, Wake Up Stran-Jah is now a good reason to visit Bulgaria if you are looking for an off-kilter raving experience. The creative effort of Laylla Dane one of the country’s finest DJ exports – shaped the festival as we know it today. It has been flourishing and evolving year after year since 2018, while always staying true to its original vibe.

The combination of carefully crafted musical content, colourful crowd and spectacular location creates an atmosphere that can be described with a single word — utopia. Days, beats and minds blend together, generating a one-of-a-kind energy that leaves a mark and keeps you charged for good few months.


Promoting Bulgarian talent has always been a focal point in our concept. The major part of the festival program is reserved for key local players and young homegrown blood, coming from stylistically diverse backgrounds. Sticking to this agenda through the years has played a vital role for the development of the scene. In order to spice things up, we always add a pinch of international class to the bill.

Naturally, our lineup attracts a loyal following of seasoned ravers and fellow artists alike.


The magnificent location is one of the crucial elements of the Wake Up Stran-Jah experience.

 At first glance Varvara doesn’t seem like an obvious choice for an electronic playground. It is a tiny village situated in the deep south of the Black Sea coast, just a few minutes away from the foot of the mystical Strandzha Mountain — hence the name of the festival.

Reaching Varvara’s north beach is quite an adventure itself as you have to make your way through the narrow paths of a dusty field. Once you complete the quest, a feeling of fulfillment enters your mind — you have unlocked a hidden location that will probably make you want to settle here forever.

The festival site creates a sense of detachment from the real world. As you would imagine, this is a key moment in reaching a point of total satisfaction.