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How to get there

There are three airport options for those of you who make their way to the festival from abroad:

airplane ico

Burgas Airport Recommended

82 km drive (ca. 1 h) — It is the closest airport to the festival.

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Sofia Airport Recommended

457 km drive on a speed-way (ca. 5 h) — it offers a large number of flight options.

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Varna Airport Not recommended

207 km drive (ca. 3.5 h) — The road demands low-speed and very cautious driving.

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By Car

All of the airports offer car rental services. For those on a tight budget — you can easily connect with fellow festival-goers on our Telegram channel.

Festival Shuttle

A shuttle circulating between the festival site and the villages will be available for the whole duration of the event. More info


Operating from Burgas Airport to Varvara and the nearby villages — Lozenets, Tsarevo, Nestinarka, Ahtopol, Varvara or Sinemorets, depending on where your accommodation is located. In case you want to use it, just drop us a line at with your arrival and departure time for the flight back. After that you will receive detailed information and further instructions.


Varvara offers some very affordable places to stay, ranging from guest houses to small family hotels. However, their number is limited. We strongly advise you to book a room as soon as possible if you need to be close to the festival.

The nearest towns are Lozenetz, Tsarevo, Ahtopol & Sinemorets – all of them are just a few minutes’ drive away from Varvara. They are the perfect alternative for those of you who plan to move around with a car or use our Festival Shuttle.

Find and reserve your stay on


You can pitch your tent in the so called ‘Happy Forest’ – a wild camp area just a 10-15 min walk from the festival site. Showers and toilets with running water will be available at the entrance of the festival.

Camping is FREE and at your sole responsibility. We trust that you are going to keep nature clean and leave no trace.

Festival Shuttle

Wake Up Stran-Jah owes part of its charm to the remoteness and tiny size of Varvara. The latter, however, has created a bit of a challenge – the festival-goers always outnumber the hotel and guest house spots in the village. This would force them to travel by car to the party from the neighbouring towns and resorts, which is not always a good idea.

In order to make your experience more carefree, we provide a smart solution – shuttle transport from/to:

— Lozenets bus station
— Tsarevo square
— Nestinarka, Regina Mare hotel
— Varvara festival parking
— Ahtopol bus station
— Sinemorets bus station

Attention! This is a preliminary route which is subject to change!

When you order a bracelet, please select your pick-up location (the place where you are staying). If no one selects a certain location from the list it will be removed from the route. That’s why it is highly recommended that you pre-order your bracelet.

Use of the shuttle is possible only with your bracelet on.

The bracelet allows you to travel an unlimited number of trips.

You can pre-order the bracelet on our website or buy it at the festival entrance.

Pre-order price: 35 BGN; Price on the spot: 50 BGN.


Free parking will be available on the plateau above the beach for those of you who have decided to stay sober and move around with a car. However, driving may cause you great trouble and we are here to remind you that:

— The local authorities have zero tolerance for reckless people driving under the influence. Police patrols with drug and alcohol tests will be present in the village and on the dirt road leading to the festival. We strongly advise you to leave your car once you arrive and enjoy a carefree time for the next 3 days.

— The walk from Varvara to the festival site takes about 10-15 minutes. Just don’t forget to hydrate and apply sunscreen in the daytime.

— The festival shuttle is the safest option for reaching the festival if you are staying in the nearby villages.

Stay safe and enjoy your festival time responsibly.

Food & BeverageS

When in need of a tasty nutritious bite, head to our food corner where chef Donko Arabadzhiev (Bliss Bites) will provide you with a healthy, sustainable solution. 

The village itself offers a number of nice restaurants that we are happy to recommend. Those are:


For the sole purpose of providing more convenient and way faster service at the bars, in 2022 we introduced our official festival currency called WAVE. Materialised in the form of tokens, it is the only possible payment method in the festival area.

— Tokens will be exchanged at two dedicated desks — one at the festival entrance and one on the beach.

— Both desks will accept cash and credit card payments.

— If you haven’t spent your tokens, you will be able to restore your money.

For ticket door sales, however, we will accept only cash payments.

Rules & Safety

🛑 Enter the festival area without a bracelet.
🛑 Swim in the sea during the night.
🛑 Climb the rocks surrounding the beach.
🛑 Enter the zone behind the bar.
🛑 Urinate outside the toilets.
🛑 Litter the environment.
✅ The festival bracelet should be worn on your hand through both night & day. Destroyed and torn-out bracelets will be considered invalid and won’t give you access to the festival.
✅ Respect the locals. As our hosts, they deserve a decent attitude.
✅ Be kind to the rest of the people at the beach. It’s open for regular tourists during daytime.
✅ Take care of yourself. Drink water, use sunscreen, get some sleep.


— The  payment won’t go through. What should I do?

Call your bank and ask them to allow the transaction.

Clear the cookies and try again.

— Are paper tickets available?


— Do you sell Day Tickets?

Yes, the pre-sale starts in July.

— What is the duration of the Day Ticket?

Day Tickets grant access with the start of each evening program at 22:00 until 20:00 the next day. Example: A Saturday Daily Pass gives access from 22:00 on Saturday until 20:00 on Sunday.

— Are tickets going to be available at the festival?

Yes, at a higher price, though.

— I did not receive a confirmation email. What do I do?

Use the contact form to explain the problem. Or contact us via DM on Facebook or Instagram.

— How can I reserve a spot in the transfer shuttle?

Please, write to

— Is the reservation in advance mandatory?


— What’s the price of the transfer?

35 BGN each direction.

To be announced

Some Tips

A three-day journey needs a bit of preparation. Make the most out of the festival with these simple tips:

— Bring enough cash (BGN) to Varvara. The nearest ATM is located in Ahtopol.

— Mind your clothing. Days at the festival are usually very hot but nights are sometimes chilly because of the sea breeze.

— Network coverage at the beach is weak. Texting is alright but you might have to leave the beach if you need to make a phone call.

Further Information

If you have not yet found the information you are looking for please contact us